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Changing the Story for Pets... And Their People

Changing the Story for Pets... And Their People

It is my purpose, my passion, and my obligation to help you connect  in a way perhaps you never deemed possible.


Admittedly, I was a huge skeptic of animal communication (and hesitant with mediumship).  Through a series of losses and a deep desire for personal changes, I found myself opening to new possibilities.

Fast forward,  I stand in awe of the transformation people experience when I provide a reading.  Whether from pet or human, the messages can heal, astound, and even empower people to shift their lives in directions they never foresaw.

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Rats

And, yes, even Princess the camel

Animal Communication

I connect telepathically to your pet’s thoughts [Pet Psychic] perspectives  and feelings to help you understand behaviors, history,  likes (and dislikes), and health concerns… even answer the difficult question,  “When is it time to say goodbye?”

Readings offer clarity,  guidance, and insights – all from your pet’s point of view.


Curiosity did not kill the cat! This is your opportunity to learn something new about your animal or perhaps hear an answer to a nagging curiosity.

Sample Topics:

  • What is my adopted pet’s real history?
  • What are his/her likes & dislikes?
  • Is it time to say, “goodbye”?
  • Does my animal need a companion?
Topic: Select from list
30 Minutes
1 or 2 Pets


Hopeless, helpless, frustrated or confused? You have a complex set of issues you want to investigate further.

Possible concerns or issues:

  • Recognize pain or symptoms to assist your pet’s healthcare team
  • Discover root cause connected to behavioral changes/patterns
  • How does my pet feel on anxiety medication
Topic: Dive in deep!
60 Minutes
1-2 Pets

Pets Who've Passed

There is nothing more heart-wrenching than saying goodbye to your faithful companion. After such a loss, you may be left holding unhealed emotions.

Common Questions:

  • Could we have done more?
  • Are you still in pain?
  • What is life like now?
  • Do you know you are missed?
Topic: Ask a question
30 Minutes
1 Pet

May I present animal communication through their wisdom, grace, humor… and riddles.

People Mediumship

I intuitively connect to  feelings and images with those whom have passed to offer peace, guidance and validation. Whether you desire a private reading or a group party, your loved ones are waiting to re-connect.

This is your opportunity to say “hello” and discover healing messages.

Private Reading

They are only a whisper away…

Losing a loved one can leave you feeling lost, alone and shattered. Through mediumship we can re-connect to your loved ones.  This is a private reading for you.

Topic: Ability to ask questions
30 Minutes

Host a Party

Why experience it alone?

Grieving a loss, curious or perhaps even a bit skeptical…

Here’s an opportunity to gather friends and family for a mediumship party.

Typical Mediumship events include:

  • Speed reading from a personally selected Oracle card deck
  • Invitation to the “other side” to recieve messages
  • ALL will receive insights, wisdom and validations
NOTE: Due to the pandemic, Parties are not available. We look forward to offering again in the future.
60-90 Minutes
5-10 People

Common Questions


Are you a Psychic or a Medium?

Hmmm… This is one of those questions that I don’t really have an answer. Yes, I can read for pets and people that have passed – so, does that label me a Medium? Well, yes. I suppose you can say that.

In my readings, events have been shared that have not yet happened or information not previously shared – does that label me a Psychic? You be the judge.

Do I bring my pet?

No, thank you. I only require a picture of your pet in order to do the reading. OK I know your forehead furrowed – this should help… Once you have signed up for a reading and submitted a picture of your pet (facing the camera, please), I will connect with your pet from the comfort of my home (distraction free). This allows me to give you my undivided attention, where we can make the most of our time “together”.

Is each reading unique?

Yes. Often you will receive information you may already know – this is a method of validation or confirmation of the source. My readings can often be humorous, sometimes difficult and always enlightening.


What if I need to cancel?

Once you have signed up for a reading, I start the process of connecting and documenting. If you have to cancel, I require a minimum of 48 hours, but I understand that emergencies happen.

If you need to reschedule your session, I will do my best to find a time that is convenient for both parties. Thank you for understanding.

Can I record my reading?

You can; however, I also record your session via a conference phone bridge and email you a link to download your recording within 48 hours.

Can you read my mind?

Pure and simple – No!  Revealed information is only that which best serves you.

Although, this is a good opportunity to point out that messages will be very tuned to your emotions. While maybe not reading your mind, readings are very much a reflection of the environment and all those in it.

The experience was both transformative and peaceful. She brought us the feeling of closure we were searching for so desperately, with details of things that I felt like no one could have known unless we told them. Thank you, Marcia, for helping us heal after we lost our beloved [Scarface].

Aggie A

Marcia helped me view the world from Casey’s perspective, and gave me a deep understanding that he will always be around me.

Isaiah P

You’ve opened my eyes to understanding my little girl [Pinny] in a way that has made both of us happier and less stressed… I am so grateful.

Cheri T

I learned some interesting things about my dog, Shammie. It helped me take better care of him and fill his needs.

Jackie H

I discovered a much deeper understanding of the foster animals that pass through my home… and allowed me to appreciate each as an individual with unique physical and emotional needs.

Theresa S


Something Else

If you still have questions about animal communication and mediumship or you have a special request, just send me a message. 

I try to respond to everybody within 48 hours.

BTW: I will reach out via email…
not telepathically!

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